Our story

Marek J. & Gorka B.

Once upon a time (yes, it was pretty long ago) we met on internet messenger. Initially, the main topic of our conversations was photography, but with time an acquaintance has evolved into a friendship, and a friendship has turned into love.

Marek proposed on May 5th in Cinque Terre (five villages). To make his life easier we decided to get married also on 05.05. At first we were thinking of quick civil ceremony, but since city halls are closed on weekends, we had to come up with a new idea. Our friend declared to be an officiant. The other one took care of the musical setting with personalized version of Ave Maria. A friend and photographer offered to take the pictures. Husband of our witness suggested his restaurant as reception venue. What was supposed to be a quick small ceremony turned into lovely event. Nothing was able to disturb the happiest day of our life. Even, when we found out that the photographer got stuck in traffic, we simply decided to use a camera already set up to record the wedding and capture the day mostly by ourselves.

We were always known as a couple with the cameras. Marek fell in love with a videography as a young man. He had an old big camcorder and recorded everything he could. He wanted to go to film school and become a filmmaker. However, he ended up studying music and became a music teacher. Fortunately, his fate did not quit on him, and when he got his first DSLR in 2002 his passion to capture all important moments in life has returned. Gorka had much longer romance with a camera. Starting with photography clubs, through dark rooms and friend’s weddings to working for a few newspapers.

When wedding videos have started to look like Hollywood movie trailers we felt in love with this form of expression. Bride and groom as the movie stars! That is something that appeals to us. We believe in good stories and we love to bring smile and tears on audience faces. The wedding photography background helps us finding interesting shots and proper lighting. Passion and artistic souls make us to tell the emotional and funny tales through the lenses.

Our life in a nutshell

Middle Harbor Shoreline Park with SF in background
Playing extras in last silent movie in Niles
road trip from SF to Seattle
our band “Kuzyni”
Arches NP
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Easter card
Valentine’s Day card
sharing last slice of awesome pizza in Miami
enjoying CoronaRitas in Miami
snow fun at Sierra Nevada
Key West, FL
Polish street festival in Martinez
Halloween photo challenge
sisters wedding boxing
Christmas card
Chichen Itza
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity