Base package

Our cinematography prices start at $3.200.

Base package includes:
–  8 hours of coverage,
–  2 videographers,

–  6-9 minute wedding movie,

–  Instagram teaser,

–  drone aerial footage*,
–  custom flash drive.

* Aerial footage available if allowed on venue grounds, and when weather conditions and timeline are favorable.

A la carte

Starting with the base you can build your own collection, adding from the a la carte menu:
–  additional hourly coverage,
–  documentary edit of ceremony,
–  documentary edit of ceremony and reception,
–  keepsake documentary edit,
–  concept movie,
–  slideshow,
–  rehearsal dinner.

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Wedding movie
A cinematic film featuring the most special moments within 6-9 minutes, with you (vows or letters) and your friends and family (speeches) as the story tellers, and handpicked music suited to the mood of your big day.

Instagram teaser
A compact 45-60 second video highlighting the best moments of your wedding day

Documentary edit of ceremony
Entire ceremony shown from multiple angles; great for those who would like to relive it in full detail.

Documentary edit of ceremony and reception
Full ceremony and important events of reception (speeches, first and parent dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tosses) shown from multiple angles; perfect for movie night on 5th or 10th wedding anniversary.

Keepsake documentary edit
This is not a video you would share on social media, but it will matter to you. You will see and hear your bridesmaids and groomsmen during preparation and guests during wedding. This documentary edit is like home movie, not polished, with short clips in chronological order. It also includes documentary edit of ceremony, first dance and speeches.

(with music or interview)
A traditional photo montage from your precious pictures prepared to be shown at the reception. It features your life before you meet and then with you together to the rhythm of your favorite tunes or with your own narrative (projector and screen not included).

Concept movie
A movie made on separate day, great to be shown at the reception, for example:

engagement film,

proposal movie,

thanks to parents.

Another form is “Safe the Date” film which may be send to wedding guests as an invitation.

Rehearsal dinner
A great extension to the wedding day coverage. If you are expecting great time and amazing speeches at your rehearsal dinner, we can film it all for you. Besides 1-2 minute film and full toasts it may bring also some good material to make wedding movie even more interesting.